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The Entrepreneurial Vision of Donald Kerry Frey

September 20, 2018

From tech entrepreneur Donald Kerry Frey’s perspective, it seemed as if every news site approached the news from either one ideological side or another. His founding of Nova Tribune ( as a major news outlet was based on his belief that it’s possible to inform people about the current state of the world and to present the news in a way that satisfies all sides of every issue. The passion for information consumption held by Donald Kerry Frey has been his primary motivation for establishing the site.

What Donald Kerry Frey hopes to provide with the Nova Tribune is a reasonable alternative that informs readers through articles that reflect multiple fields and interests and hopefully make them see all sides of any argument. Donald Kerry Frey’s significant background as an entrepreneur will surely be the key to his success. He hopes he will have the skill and the ability to make sure that Nova Tribune and its partner site, Frey Robotics (, are very successful, providing dependable information sources for a long time.